Healthmace is a healthcare social and professional networking cloud and information sources platform dedicated to those who have passion for health care. Healthmace is dedicated to connect health professionals, patients, businesses, and anyone who has interest in health care globally in order to learn more about one another, exchange ideas, participate in ecommerce, publish blogs and health wiki, and engage in forum discussions. Healthmace offers a virtual space for all of those who would like to contribute to our health care systems globally. All the networking applications are free. Anyone is able to join, publish and engage in health care focused activities. 


Our Mission at Healthmace is to be digitally progressive health care network enterprise that enables health care professionals and patients to interact at a global scale virtually and safely. We are committed to social responsibility in health care by pledging 5% of our net profit to health care delivery and research organizations through the Healthmace Foundation. We strive to be the most innovative enterprise in health care services. Innovation in health care is what we do.


What is is a comprehensive global healthcare network platform. Healthmace offers a wide range of engaging and interactive healthcare applications including social networking, information sharing, news, e-commerce, & care delivery. Healthmace is dedicated to publishing credible healthcare contents such as articles, videos, and educational materials covering many healthcare topics. Sign up today with, it is free to join!

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