Healthmace is health care network partner with the power and know-how to deliver a unique digital member experience in personalized care, wellness, and tele-medicine. Our Mission at Healthmace is to be a digitally progressive health care network enterprise that enables health care professionals and members to interact at a global scale virtually and safely. We are committed to social responsibility and we strive to be the most innovative enterprise in health care services. Innovation in health care is what we do.

Healthmace is a global health care network that allows members to connect with providers and seek care and wellness anytime and anywhere whenever they need it through our innovative digital health platform. It also enables our members to have a unique health care and wellness digital experience. At healthmace, our membership is affordable. No insurance coverage is needed. Groups pay membership fee on the behalf of their members in exchange of getting the added wellness and care that they need. This is a great and unique opportunity to provide a great benefits to your employees at an affordable cost. 

Here are our 5 steps to complete the new group registration: 

1- Provide The Organization Key Contact — who serves as liaison with healthmace for your Group Membership
2- Fills out this application form and submit it electronically to us
3- Healthmace sends the Organization Key Contact an invoice for dues payment for the group. Memberships are activated upon receipt of payment
4- Upon receiving your application and payment, we will provide a unique code to your members to use when signing up so they don't get charged for the monthly membership fee
5- Your members will have the ability to complete their preference form on healthmace for their gym, wellness, and concierge service

To begin the process, join us today!

New Employer Group Registration

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