New Providers

Healthmace is health care network partner with the power and know-how to deliver patient volume from a diverse base of patients and members globally. Healthmace is a global health care network that allows patients to connect with providers and seek care anytime and anywhere whenever they need it through our innovative digital health platform. No insurance coverage is needed. Members pay membership fee in exchange of getting the care they need and we pay you directly for your time and service to our members.  This is a great and unique opportunity to allow you to generate monthly income without the need to maintain information on benefits, coverage or eligibility, nor pay claims. 

Here are our 5 steps process: 

1- Sign up as a provider and we will provide you with our pricing chart for providing clinical consultation to our members
2- We will connect you with the members in your state where you have a license to practice medicine
3- You and our member will be able to have video and audio tele-health visit with the ability to share screens, clinical notes, and/or even invite other providers to join the visit
4- You will be able to email the clinical notes to our members directly via our HIPPA compliant email where they can upload them to their personal health documentation folder on Healthmace 
5- We pay you for every 15 minutes you spend with our members monthly

To begin the process, join us today!

New Provider Registration